These graduates have been accepted into their dream college programs. That’s no accident.

It took hard work, study, a drive to succeed, & most importantly — a plan.

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    Fifth grade is not too soon for you to think about your talents and interests. Knowing your destination helps you navigate your course.

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    Ninth grade schedules are determined in February, not August. A solid set of middle school courses will prepare you for high school success.

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    Because you planned ahead, twelfth grade won't become a frenzy of decision-making, second-guessing, and regrets of missed opportunities. Here's how.

The Plan

For the vast majority of people I have worked with, the more information they have, the more confident they feel when making decisions. Parents want what is best for their children and those parents have many options for resources to support, educate and desensitize their concerns.

Students have access to many resources themselves, not all of which are reliable. If you ask most teenagers where they get their information, they will most likely say

  • A friend of mine” or
  • My friend’s brother or sister

These are the immediate resources of influence for young students. When you add their other “best friend” the internet to the resource library, parents can be moved quickly down the list of references to seek out when making decisions.

Fifth Grade

An early start if only with a single consultation session will lay the groundwork to future plans. Fifth graders who have clear college goals will get an opportunity to express their desires and gain insight on what would be necessary to achieve them.

Students this age rarely have academic and career goals. One hour together will help the student and their family learn what courses keep them headed toward college but don't lock them into any one program of study or career path. Allowing the student to participate in the plan helps them to take ownership of their course selections and progress.

Typical early planning sessions cover these sorts of topics:

  • Timeline beginning before middle school to be aware of all opportunities available
  • Active student participation in their educational future
  • Developing a resume for and with your student
  • Guidance for all parents and students

This is also a great time to educate parents who may not be familiar with the college acceptance process. For these families, I offer consultations that can cover:

  • Guidance for parents who have not attended college
  • Guidance for parents who have not been educated in the United States
  • Supporting your student in a different country and culture
  • Citizenship issues that may affect educational plans

Middle School

In middle school, it's important to properly position the student academically to ensure that he or she enters high school on a college-bound student track.

  • Academic records and their meaning
  • What to expect in Texas public schools

My experience shows that in Middle School we might start to see a divergence of opinions between the student and parents. Conflicts can arise at this time and expectations may need to be adjusted. I offer several types of consultations that can provide parents and students the information they need to understand where they are and what options they have.

  • Family Mediation when educational choices are:
    • Undecided
    • Unguided
    • Controversial
    • Conflicted

Ms. Kane's flexible style, amicable and relatable personality, and infinite knowledge of the crucial transition time from adolescence to young adulthood makes her more than qualified to advise any young person, in any context. Akshat V. The Wharton SchoolUniv of Pennsylvania

High School

High School students and their parents are under pressure to prepare for college tests, visits, and the often torturous college application process. Dealing with the nuts and bolts of colleges and their admissions requirements can become overwhelming. For these families, I offer several consultations such as:

  • Exploring options for higher education
  • College application processes
  • Finding money for college

Custom Consultations

For parents and students interested in individualized educational planning, I offer one-on-one consulting tailored to the needs of your student. I can address a full range of topics that might include very specific challenges such as these:

  • Interpret a transcript from another country or state in preparation for a transfer to Texas schools
  • Make a seven year plan to take a rising 6th grader through high school course selection, resume building and college preparation
  • Develop an interest inventory
  • Research college matching
  • Investigate using the PSAT
  • Tackle SAT/ACT test issues
  • Learning about applications, essays, letters of recommendation, scholarship opportunities, financial aid, campus visits, contact strategies

Group Sessions

For individuals or organizations interested in group sessions focused on educational planning Middlebridge Consulting can provide presentations that cover college preparation topics relevant to the audience but generalized in nature. Topics can be tailored for you or your group, but as an example, here's one of the more popular presentations:

Boot Camp for Parents

Ideal for parents who desire a three hour immersion into the world of College Admission

Topics typically covered include:

  • Types of applications; hurdles students face and how to help
  • Finding a college fit; campus visits and admissions protocol
  • Understanding the FAFSA and the financial aid package
  • Finding money for college; the hardest part-time job ever

Other group presentations I offer would cover topics such as:

  • Navigating the turbid waters of the college application process
  • Finding the right college with the right program for your student
  • PSAT/SAT results and how do they influence our college choices
  • Deadlines and consequences when applying to college

Anxiety Ends Now

If you are a person or institution with a desire to ease anxiety about the road to higher education, more information creates not only additional questions but more comfort with this process. Middlebridge Educational Planning was created to help parents and students decipher some of the mystery that has become our “College-Going Culture” (McDonough, P.).

Free Initial Consultation

Our First Visit

Our initial visit consists of a free email consultation which you initiate to determine goals of our interaction. Suggested topics include:

  • Parent Presentations: Building student confidence through a family support system
  • Boot Camps: Condensed interactive workshops for small groups of students or parents
  • School Staff Training: Information concerning college application/attendance process that every educator should know
  • College Board product instruction: PSAT/My College Quick Start integration for the intended purpose of the system
  • College matching: campus visits, asking the right questions of admissions professionals
  • College application processes: public, private and selective applications
  • College admissions: importance of essays, what colleges look for in a file
  • Finding money for college: the importance of good academic standing (grades)
  • Financial aid basics: how to help yourself and find support if needed
  • Balancing the family: System to prepare for a new college student

Consultations then provide the student with the target, a goal that is in his or her best interest to achieve. Brief follow-up meetings serve to refine and adjust the target depending on performance levels, attitudinal changes and achievement. (pricing will be shared in the email planning phase)

Recommended Books

View all recommendations
    1. The Gatekeepers: Inside the Admissions Process of a Premier College
    2. The Gatekeepers: Inside the Admissions Process of a Premier College
    3. Jacques Steinberg
    4. This is a book written by an education writer for the New York Times. He had the privilege of shadowing a college admission representative for one year. This is a book filled with insight and surprise that every parent and student should read prior to beginning the college application process.
    1. The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World
    2. The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World
    3. Marti Olsen Laney Psy.D.
    4. A colleague of mine presented this book for a "book study" among educators. The result for me was a better understanding of important people in my personal life and a tool to share with parents with introverted children/young adults. Everyone can learn from this read.

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